Workflow Management

  •     Complete visibility over your workflow
  •     Track each stage of a job from start to finish
  •     Customize your workflow stages
  •     Mirror your current workflow
  •     Automate your workflow
Complete visibility over your workflow

4protech is a robust field service solution that allows you to track every stage of the job. At a glance, you’ll be able to see the progress of every job out in the field in real-time. No more chasing down people for answers!

Improve staff communication

Make communication between office and field staff seamless with 4protech’s real-time updates. When an update is made to the schedule, field techs get notified by email or text. When field techs update work order details, office staff can see the update in real-time, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Track important changes and history using logs

Every change to a job is logged, timestamped, and when available GPS stamped. Activity is recorded using our innovative Activity Log feature to hold every team member accountable for their actions. This ensures that nothing flies under the radar unnoticed.

Provide status updates on jobs

With 4protechs text-to-update feature, you can set up auto responses, such as “1. Job Complete” and “2. In Progress”, which techs can use to easily send a status update on each job.

Save hours and money every week

The improvements 4protech makes in your workflow, like eliminating double-data entry and shortening billing cycles, saves you and your team hours of work every week or thousands of dollars per year (or month) in accounting or outsourcing fees!

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